Typically we acquire a controlling stake in companies:

  • that no longer align with the core business of a larger corporation and need to be “carved out”;
  • that require ownership changes to solve problems in the succession of the company’s senior management; or
  • that need turn-around support.

mutares prefers to invest in companies that have an established and proven business model, combined with a strong brand and an annual sales volume of more than € 50 million. We do not focus on particular industrial sectors that the companies belong to.

mutares has access to a variety of different sources for financing its acquisition activities. We often work with private and institutional investors who invest alongside us, in addition to mutares financed investments.

The management team and employees of our portfolio companies are key to the change process in their respective organizations, as our success is dependent on their qualifications and engagement. Only by working together with the local teams can we create meaningful value. Offering a significant variable compensation program to management and employees is essential to support the development of our companies.